Springdale Chases Perfection, Redemption

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) - "What’s happened in the past is good because it put us in this position but it’s all looking forward at this point."

Springdale soccer coach DJ Beeler is talking about his team’s 14 game winning streak, which has them atop the 6A West. But before every winning streak, comes a loss. As junior Irvin Sotero remembers, that's the nature of these things.

"It was very difficult for our team, we felt like we were doing bad."

The team started the season 0-2, losing to two Oklahoma teams.

"I think it was worthwhile, because after those two games we’ve been able to stay pretty consistent," says Beeler, and by consistent, he of course means "winning every game since."

But it’s the loss that ended their season last year, in the semi-finals to Northside, that still sits in the back of their heads, says senior Javier Solis.

"It was pretty devastating, even going up to Heritage, the stadium that we played in, it does bring back some memories. But I feel as though it does push us."

"We told ourselves that we weren’t going to make that mistake again," adds Sotero.

A win over Van Buren on Friday would wrap up a perfect conference season, but it’s what comes next that this team has been striving for, says Beeler.

"We all understand that this is gonna end one of two ways, so if we want to avoid the same outcomes of last year then we gotta be different, we gotta be better, so that’s what we’re trying to do every day."

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