Prosecutor: Details On The Investigation Into Lewis Shores’ Triple Homicide Case

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Shue has released new details into the three homicides of Norma Grubb, Jimmy Joe Grubb, and Angela Shores.

Jimmy and Norma Grubb

Norma and Jimmy Grubb's bodies were found on Sept. 4, 2018, at their home in Fort Smith. Six days later, Angela Shores body was discovered in an apartment in Fort Smith.

Lewis Shores, the prime suspect in connection with the homicides, was placed in custody in Booneville on Sept. 6, 2018, and later transported to Fort Smith.

He was held at the Sebastian County Detention Center until his suicide on Nov. 29, 2018.

Shores was charged with aggravated residential burglary and theft of property and theft by receiving, but those charges were later dismissed by Shue's office following his death.

After his reported suicide, the Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney decided to continue their ongoing investigation into the three homicides.

Angela Shores

Citing significance into two areas of the investigation, Shue says forensic evidence and direct evidence linked Lewis Shores to the death of Norma & Jimmy Grubb  and Angela Shores.

Forensic evidence discovered in the investigation:

  • Lewis Shores' latent fingerprint on the exterior driver's door of the vehicle parked inside the garage of the Grubb's residence.
  • Four latent fingerprints belonging to Lewis Shores taken from the exterior driver's side door of a red Dodge truck stolen from the Grubb's home.
  • Lewis Shores' DNA identified on both a blue shirt and a green shirt found in a suitcase located in Booneville, Arkansas.
  • Lewis Shores' DNA on the airbag of the stolen Dodge truck.
  • Angela Shores' DNA identified on a blue shirt and two knives found in the suitcase located in Booneville.
  • Angela Shores' DNA identified on a piece of paper found within her apartment.
  • Norma and Jimmy Grubb's DNA identified on a hammer found in their stolen Dodge truck.

Direct evidence discovered in the investigation:

  • Jimmy Grubb's wallet's contents were located at a residence in Booneville.
  • An inmate in the Sebastian County Detention Center and a cellmate of Shores, without promise of reward or compensation, made contact with the Fort Smith Police Department and gave two statements to law enforcement officers regarding conversations he had with Lewis Shores.
  • Shores admitted that "he was carrying a red suitcase and kept changing clothes he was in because they were bloody."
  • Shores stated he "grabbed a long steak knife and stabbed Angela Shores in the throat; he "put a bag over her head"; he said he "cut her a lot waiting for her to die."
  • Shores said Jimmy Grubb confronted him and he "struck him with the hammer and then hit his wife with the hammer." He referenced going to the Grubb's kitchen and grabbing a jar of pickles and throwing them at the corpses.

Autopsies revealed that the Grubb's died of cranial cerebral injuries — blunt force trauma to the head and brain, Shue's office said. Angela Shores died of multiple sharp force injuries.

Since Lewis Shores is deceased and cannot be subject to criminal proceedings for the deaths of Jimmy and Norma Grubb or Angela Shores, Shue's office claimed.

Disturbing video of Shores licking blood off his hand surfaced just days after the Grubb's murder.

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