6A-West Brings Stacked Talent To State Tournament

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) - The three-time defending state champions are on a hunt for one more.

"They are definitely in the record books already winning three in a row here in softball," said Bentonville coach Kent Early. "Noone in the 7A level has won four in a row. There's a chance for these guys to do it, and yes I do believe this team is the team to do it."

But first, they'll have to go through the new faces of Bentonville West who just won their first conference title.

"Being only a third year team, only playing with some of these girls a couple years, it's really incredible,"  explained West right fielder Sydney Sneed. "I feel like we've definitely made a statement."

One thing for sure is this: the 6A-West stacks a packed level of competition headed into this year's state tournament.

"Every game we start at 0-0. It doesn't matter what seed you are," Bentonville right fielder Megan Crownover mentioned. "In the state tournament, it's a one-game deal, so you're either on or you're off that day and I'm hoping that we're on."

West has made their name known holding a 13-1 record and the top seed in the tournament, but lost two starters to injury last week and is now trying to fill the gaps.
"It's not just going to be one player step up. It may be different players every night. It could be whoever," West coach Anthony Cantrell explained. "We've really tried to instill that value in our team that it doesn't have to be one person to help us win. I think that's helped us."
"The physicality of the game is definitely at it's peak right now, but we can't have any mental errors anymore because people take advantage of that for sure," West catcher Honest Holt added.
Meanwhile, the Tigers look to make history winning their fourth consecutive trophy.
"You have to trust the process and hope that that is your best day that day, because in a single elimination tournament, it is what it is," Coach Early mentioned. "You have to have your day. If you don't, then you're going home and your season's over. With quality teams such as West and Rogers, it's going to be a big time game."
Now, the talent-filled 6A-West will fight to make one last run to take home the crown.

"We definitely have a target on our backs now, especially beating Bentonville twice and beating Rogers and beating some tough teams," Sneed said, "We've definitely put that target on our back. But I feel like everyone's going to bring their A game and so are we, so we're just ready to match them and play our hardest."

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