Good Samaritan Returns Lost Wedding Ring To Bentonville Woman

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — A local woman thought she had lost her wedding ring forever — that is, until an unexpected good Samaritan helped get the ring back on her finger.

With her wedding ring loose in her purse, Stephanie Ensinger walked out of a gym on the Bentonville Square on May 6, grabbed her keys from her purse and got into her car. Somewhere in between, her ring disappeared.

Panic set in when she realized the ring she loved so much was gone.

"I come home and I’m like, 'John, I can’t find the ring,' " Stephanie said.

Her husband, John, searched tirelessly for the ring outside of the gym but had no luck finding it.

"I knew it would really hurt her heart to lose that ring," John said. "It wasn’t going to hurt my heart, I knew, not like that... but I knew it would her, so I walked up and down here four times."

As John diligently looked for his wife's wedding ring, a crew of construction workers nearby asked how they could help. John left without the ring, and Stephanie began to realize she might not ever see it again.

"In the greater scheme of things, it's just a ring, but it’s my ring and it’s beautiful," Stephanie said.

Moments after John left, one of the construction workers spotted the diamond ring.

"About the time he left, one of the guys found it, but he had already left and we didn’t know how to get a hold of him," said the construction site superintendent Dan Willcutt.

The crew held onto the ring not knowing how to get it back to the worried couple. Then, Stephanie's friend went out to look one more time.

"They pulled it out of their pocket, and they had found it and held on to it so they could give it back to us," Stephanie said.

Willcutt says he's proud of how his crew was able to help the couple.

"It just shows when these guys are out here working, they're still trying to do the right thing, so I was glad they were able to find it and we were able to get it back to the right owner," Willcutt said.

John and Stephanie say they are extremely grateful for the good people who kept her ring safe.

"Somebody else held onto it, safeguarded it, and that was pretty neat," John said.

Stephanie says from now on when she takes her ring off, she will have a very special place for it until it returns to her finger.

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