Newborn Puppies Dumped At Backdoor Of HOPE Humane Society In Fort Smith

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — Workers at the HOPE Humane Society in Fort Smith say on Tuesday night (May 14) a man dumped a litter of newborn puppies at their back door.

Workers said the shelter had already closed when the puppies that are expected to be a week or so old were left without their mother or any food.

"They are still nursing, so that's a big deal," said Chelsea Ghar with the HOPE Humane Society. "Puppies nurse 24/7. They are almost never off of their momma. For them to be left out there, and no one knew about it, they could have not made it."

Workers said their security cameras caught the act and they believe the puppies mother was in the vehicle as the man drove away.

The workers found the puppies the next day when they opened their doors.

The seven puppies are with an emergency foster family for the time being but will need either foster families or adoptions soon.

Due to overcrowding, the shelter no longer takes in animals from the public. They only take in animals from the Fort Smith Animal Control.

Local law enforcement said this case could be an animal cruelty case, but no criminal charges have been filed as of yet.

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