Couple’s Home Destroyed By Multiple Trees During Storm

OZARK, Ark.—One couple said they're just lucky to be alive following Saturday's (May 18) storms.

Power lines and trees lay in the streets as crews worked to restore power to many in the River Valley following the storm. Family and friends of the Hartys, as well as professionals, helped remove several trees from their home.

"I have never seen so much violent activity in the wind," said James Harty.

That violent activity led to several trees crashing down on top of the Hartys' home, destroying half of it.

Harty said he looked out of his bedroom window and saw his life flash before his eyes when one of the trees in their backyard was seconds from falling onto their home.

"It crashed to the ground and made a terrible thunder and sound, so I thought I better get out of there so I went down the hallway," Harty said.

Not only did one tree destroy their bedroom, but their guest bathroom and bedroom, as well as the hallway, were severely damaged.

Family and friends of the Hartys said that when they got the call, they were immediately on their way.

Franklin County Emergency Management said around 3,000 people are still without power but they're working quickly to get it turned back on.


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