River Valley Residents Prepare For The Possibility Of More Storms

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — Several tornadoes in our area over the weekend left behind damage and a lot of debris, but we could experience even more bad weather soon.

“Well, not much you can do," said Fort Smith Resident Gary Lee. "We got the roof covered so we wouldn`t get any leaks and when the weather clears up they`ll come in and do the repair job on the roofing."

Lee had damage to his roof and a large tree in his front yard came close to coming thru his house. His next-door neighbor had roof damage along with losing five massive oak trees. He said they`re preparing for bad weather by paying attention to the weather.

“Do our best to be cautious and take preventative action to stay safe and just like in this situation if something happens you just deal with it one piece at a time afterwards and hopefully don`t feel overwhelmed for too long,” Jerry Williams said.

Deputy Director of Sebastian County Emergency Management Travis Cooper said with the ground already saturated and trees possibly already leaning towards homes or roads, people need to pay extra attention.

“Make sure that you are not in the way of the storm. If that does blow that tree over into your home, make sure that you are not in that outside corner of that structure,” Cooper said.

Cooper says they are ready to respond to any calls if the county were to get hit again.

“Looking at here for emergency management we actually made sure that all of our generators are fueled back up ready to go and making sure that all you as public are aware of the oncoming storms,” Cooper said.

Emergency management also wants to remind people to take shelter in the innermost part of your home, your basement or safe room. They also say to have a weather plan ready.

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