Crawford County Residents Prepare For Historic Flood

CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) — The flood waters continue to rise in Crawford County and multiple areas are bracing for severe flooding.

Emergency Manager Brad Thomas said they have gone door to door near Sand Stone Rd. letting homeowners know they could experience flood waters coming into their houses.

Thomas says if you've been asked to evacuate, heed the warning.

"Main thing in safety some things may get damaged or destroyed but if you feel like you are in danger just leave immediately," Thomas said.

Thomas says for those in the area needing sandbags, the emergency management building has everything you need.

"The equipment will be out there the sandbags will be out there it doesn’t matter the time day or night you can come out here 1820 chestnut street and fill up some sandbags," Thomas said.

Van Buren resident Richard Hofer says he took advantage of the opportunity. He says he is thankful he has had time to get ready for the rapidly rising water.

"If it was raining now it would be a whole different ball game you know the lord stopped the rain so at least everybody has time to prepare for what they are doing," Hofer said.

Hofer says he and his family have been paying close attention to the warnings. He says those who don't listen to the warnings are making a "big mistake."

"People know what this water will do people know and if you decide to ignore it well... can’t help you.. ya know," Hofer said.

As far as the areas that will receive flooding, Thomas says they know of the normal areas that flood, but since record amount of water is expected, his crews will do flyovers throughout the weekend to evaluate the situation.

"Unfortunately this time its record high so this is uncharted territory for us," Thomas said.

Thomas says that at this time, they are not concerned about the levee breaking.

Crawford County Emergency Management wants people to know that while many things are possible with the massive amounts of water coming in, they do not see Downtown Van Buren as a risk area at this time.

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