Home Depot Workers Build Boy’s Walker Out Of PVC Piping

CEDARTOWN, Ga. (KTHV) — Workers at a Georgia Home Depot store came together to help a family in need.

Christian Williams Moore said her son, Logan, has hypotonia which affects his muscle tone and makes stability a struggle. It makes him unable to walk unassisted at the moment.

Logan’s family was worried that their insurance wouldn’t pay for the walker that the little boy needed. They read about how to make a walker out of PVC piping and headed to their local The Home Depot.

“My store manager heard about this and we went over to them looked at their plans and said we got this so we started putting it together told the family to go and enjoy ice cream and come back in a hour,” Jeffrey Anderson said. “Other associates started jumping in and when the family came back it was done.”

In no time, the boy was wheeling around the store with a huge smile on his face.

“Everyone was crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face and when the family tried to pay us we said, ‘No way this one is on us,'” Anderson said.

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