Lavaca Faces Raising Water, Residents Prepare

LAVACA, Ark. -- With record-breaking flooding, many are doing all they can to make sure their home, and their family, is ready for high flood waters.

One family in Lavaca is determined their home will make it through the historic flood.

"We've been married for 28 years and it's the most stressed I've ever seen my husband," said Lavaca resident Maurie Green.

The Green family experienced the 2015 floods but say it was nothing like what they're seeing today.

"This is much closer to the house than 2015," Green said.

Across the street from their home is Highway 255, which is now underwater and closed down.

Police have said to be aware of barriers blocking off roads and to not leave anything to chance.

"Turn around and don't drown," said Center City Police Chief Dale Teague.

While many have heeded the warning to evacuate, some Lavaca residents say they know many people who won't leave their homes.

"They should have been prepared," said resident Barbara Best. "If you're not prepared, get prepared. Listen to the police officers, fire department, the rescuers, first responders. Listen to them and get out while you still have time because you don't know how fast this water is rising and you don't know if it's going to be costly to life."

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