ADH Warning Residents Not To Swim In Dirty Flood Water

ARKANSAS (KFSM) — As you see waters rise around the state you may be tempted to go for a swim, but the Arkansas Department of Health is reminding residents that swimming in flood waters is not a good idea.

Arkansas State Epidemiologist Dirk Haselow says there may be some lakes, streams and other bodies of water suitable for leisure at this time, but the Arkansas River is not one of them.

"Just about anything could be in the river," Haselow said. "There could be animal waste, there could be dead animals, there could be human waste, there could be debris, sharp things, sticks, general garbage could be in the river right now."

Haselow also warns the public that it's not just physical objects that could be hazardous in the floodwater, but different types of infectious bacteria are likely to be in the waters right now as well.

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