Madison County Cleaning Up Debris Dams At Bridges Along White River

MADISON COUNTY (KFSM) — Employees of Madison County are working to clean storm debris from bridges along the White River, after flash flooding from the previous day’s storms formed dams of debris next to them.

Lori McConnell, emergency manager for Madison County, said the county was taking care of debris at several bridges on Thursday (May 30), a day after severe storms dumped roughly 2-3 inches of rain in the area.

The Madison County Road 5201 low-water bridge is covered in debris after a flash flood along the White River piled debris against the bridge. (Photo by Natalie Gulledge)

McConnell said the bridges would stay open until it was time to clean them off, then they would reopen.

She said every bridge along the White River would be checked and cleaned, because debris like this was a common occurrence during heavy rains.

“If it’s along the White River, it’s affected,” McConnell said.

Photos from a 5NEWS viewer showed a large pile of debris next to the concrete low-water bridge at Patrick on County Road 5201 just off the Pig Trail Scenic Byway (Highway 16).

McConnell said as the bridges are cleaned, they will be checked for any structural issues. As long as the structure is sound, the bridge will be reopened.


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