Fort Smith Church Holds Prayer Service For Flood Victims

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — People from all over Fort Smith gathered at the Eastside Baptist Church Friday (May 31) to support one another as the floodwater continues to rise.

Trish and Steve Nguyen came to the United States 30 years ago from Vietnam. They say one of the hardest things they endured was watching the home they worked so hard for fill up with water.

"We came with nothing and we work our whole life you know trying to get what we have but in that moment it`s really hard to take it," Trish said.

As they wait for the flood water to recede, Trish says they don't know yet what the recovery journey has in store for them.

"Right now we have no plan, just whatever comes next we have to deal with that," Trish said.

At East Side Baptist Church community members, pastors and public officials gathered to try and help encourage families like the Nguyen's that they will have support throughout this process.

Lead Pastor Rick Gering's home was also devastated by the catastrophic flood, but he says it's hope and his faith that get him through and that's what inspired him to host the prayer event.

"Even in the midst of this flood and the storm, hope is rising and we are seeing it through the community coming together you know and helping strangers and neighbors and so forth," Gering said.

The Nguyen's say they have been overwhelmed by the support shown to them and night's like tonight are what help them get through it.

"I love to come to get some comfort because we have been so so sad, heartbreaking," Trish said.

Pastor Rick says he wants everyone to know that to grieve during this time is okay, but there is a light at the end of all of this.

"It`s okay to not be okay, but remember it is going to be okay," Gering said.

Mayor McGill spoke at the event and said now that the waters are almost done rising, it's time for Fort Smith to come together and rise too.

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