SKY5 Helps Stranded Cat Over Arkansas River Flood

The effects of the flood are felt from rural farms to to city homes.

It’s even affected the smallest among us. This cat had been stranded on a roof above the raging Arkansas River for about a week. A Facebook post went viral so we set out to see if we could help.

After brainstorming and old school McGyvering we came up with a contraption on SKY5 to fly food and water to the flooded feline.

With approval from the FAA, and a police escort from Fort Smith Police department who worked with Oklahoma Highway Patrol to clear us into the Sooner State we were on our way to meet up with UA Fort Smith UAS who devised a way to drop.

The cat was still waiting.

As the waters recede it might look overwhelming. But remember you don’t have to everything for everyone… just do something for someone… or this case… some cat.

Covering News Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis 

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