Moffett Residents Look Inside Their Homes After Floodwaters Cause Damage

MOFFETT, Okla. (KFSM) — Robert Casey looked inside his house for the first time since water filled the inside. His house sits four feet off the ground and the water inside his home was another four feet high.

“It ruined more than I thought it would," Casey said. "We're just hoping that we can get everything out and clean up and see where we can go from there."

Casey said it hasn't quite set in yet just how devastating this is.

“Actually, going through you know we forget we have things and just like everybody else we forget things and then like oh man it`s gone," Casey said. "So, we`re just going to have to start from the bottom and work our way out."

Paislee Conner and her family live just down the street. They haven`t even gone into their home yet, but they can already tell that it`s a total loss.

“I`ve been living here my whole life and my Granny has been living here for like 50 years, so I wish it didn`t happen but,” Conner said.

One silver lining for Conner is the five cats she had to leave behind while evacuating survived the historic flood.

“The whole time I was kinda like they are going to be gone, but when I come here I was super excited, so we hurried up and got food for them and come back and fed them and as you can see they are happy now,” Conner said.

Without many residents being able to get flood insurance, Casey said it will be devastating if FEMA can`t help them.

“I want everyone to know down here in Moffett to just keep going and we`ll get through it. It`s going to be a tough ride, but like I said we`ll make it,” Casey said.

Representative Mark Wayne Mullin who represents Moffett will be touring the city along with city leaders Friday (June 7) morning to see the damage first hand.

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