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Flash Flooding Deteriorates Highway In Crawford County

CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) — Flash flooding has caused part of Old 81 Loop near Rudy in Crawford County to collapse.

Cheryl Gentry lives nearby and was driving home when she saw flooding and stopped to take a picture, that's when she noticed what appeared to be a sinkhole.

"I called 911 and informed them of what I saw and that they probably needed to get someone out here very quickly and I’m a part of district four fire department so I just pulled my car across the road and tries to block it and try to keep people off so they wouldn’t get hurt," Gentry said.

According to the Crawford County Roads Department, flooding caused part of the street to erode, which continued to eat away underneath.

Gentry says in less than 10 minutes the sinkhole got bigger and eventually collapsed.

The roads department blocked the road to stop drivers from crossing, but that didn't stop people from trying to take a look at the damage.

There are a lot of houses in this area but it shouldn't impact travel too much because there are other streets that can be used.

"If you see water crossing the road don’t cross it because you don’t know if there’s a culvert underneath there that’s washed out or anything like that. Just turn around, don’t drown," said Chris Keith, Crawford County Roads Department.

The Roads Department doesn't have an exact timeline of when the road will be fixed, but they believe it could take several days.

Officials say if you see a sinkhole, call local law enforcement.

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