Hog Fans Camp Outside Of Baum-Walker Stadium For Super Regionals

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — With Super Regionals taking place this weekend, some serious Hog fans decided to camp outside of Baum-Walker Stadium to make sure they secure the perfect spot in the Hog Pen.

As of Friday (June 7), some of the fans have been camping out for two days. They've toughed it out through the pouring rain and wind for one reason, Arkansas Razorback Baseball.

"We saw that there were two tents already in front of us so we knew we were going to have to get ahead of the game and so we got our tent right behind them," Hollen Spencer said.

These super fans say they'd sit through rain, sleet or shine to watch their favorite team play.

"The tent it’s me and Clancy in here tonight with a queen sized blow up mattress it’s going to be a tight squeeze," Jake McNulty said.

The Hogs take on Ole Miss on Saturday (June 8) at 11 a.m. and these fans say they're getting prepared to bring as much energy to the stadium as possible.

Fans say with so much time on their hands, they've been researching Ole Miss players for intimidation purposes.

"We have been doing a lot of research on the center fielder because that’s who we sit behind, we learned his girlfriends name his sisters name his moms name, so we will let it all out on the line tomorrow and make sure he knows we are back there and not going anywhere for the whole series," McNulty said.

"The left fielder is in trouble, we give the left fielder a hard time it’s all in good fun and usually they communicate back with us and we love it," Lance Stagg said.

While it seems pretty intense to spend over 48 hours camped outside of a stadium, these fans say they are dedicated to doing all they can to help cheer the Razorbacks on to a victory, especially against Ole Miss.

"I mean Ole Miss doesn’t like us and we sure don’t like them, so we definitely need to get after it so it’s a big big series," Spencer said.

The expert fans say this will not be a weekend to miss.

"I mean I think it’s going to be the loudest it’s ever been, I mean it’s going to be crazy if you’ve got an opportunity to be here you gotta be here," Spencer said.

Fans are predicting the Hogs will take the series in two.

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