Moffett Mother Starting Over After Devastating Flood

MOFFETT, Okla. (KFSM) — More than two weeks ago a mandatory evacuation was issued for Moffett as flood waters started to invade the small town.

"I was scared. I was panicking. My kids were panicking. I had my friend here trying to help us get through everything because they`ve been through this before," said single mother of four Latisha Bunch.

Drone footage captured the widespread flooding that left many homes underwater.

Bunch says all she could see was the roof of her apartment.

"I started crying. I let my kids see what was going on and they were speechless," Bunch said.

Bunch along with a few others returned home this week. Traces of grime show how high the water rose.

They braved the rain and waded through flooded roads to see the damage, unrecognizable furniture and walls completely covered in mud.

"It's very devastating," Bunch said. "Basically that all my kids stuff, my stuff, everything. All the things that I worked hard for is in there, it's crazy I wouldn't wish this on anybody."

With nothing worth saving inside the place she called home for more than a year, Bunch plans to start over somewhere else.

Other residents like Jeanie Conner, who has lived in Moffett for almost 40 years, are planning to stay.

"This is my home and my kids home and we can't even imagine going anywhere else," Conner said. "So, whatever we got to do and however long it takes, yes we will come back home."

The Moffett school lost almost all its books in the flood. Arkoma library and the Rapier family have donated more than 800 books to the school while Ruth Skelton, a former teacher, donated more than 1,500 books.

Donations of school supplies are still needed.

For a list of drop off locations, click here.

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