Hog Fans Pack Baum Walker Stadium For Super Regionals In Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) -- Thousands of dedicated Razorback fans packed into the stands and Hog Pen at Baum Walker Stadium today (June 9) to root for the hogs as they took on Ole Miss in the second game of the series.

Even though the Razorbacks didn't win today, fans at the game said there's nothing like the atmosphere at the home games in Fayetteville.

Heidi Tankersley came to the game today with friends and she said the energy in the crowd is like no other.

"I think it is fun to come out and be with people who also love the Razorbacks," she said.

The hog call could be heard miles away from Baum Walker Stadium during the game. Recent University of Arkansas graduate Laura Donovan said calling the hogs is one of her favorite things, but it's not the only tradition that makes home games so special.

"I love the walkout music," she said. "I think every player gets to show their own personality with their walkout song and it just gets the crowd going."

Other Razorback athletes came to show their support, too. Members of the men's basketball team said that seeing fans lining up and camping outside the stadium for the last two days showed just how dedicated the fanbase could be.

"It's just encouraging to know that our fans go the extra mile for us and are willing to do anything to show their support for us," said basketball player Gabe Osabuohien.

While the game didn't end as some hoped, with Ole Miss beating the Diamond Hogs 13-5, one chance remains for the team to try and reach Omaha.

"I'm really hoping we get to go to Omaha," said Donovan. "It was such a good experience last year, especially for [the] Razorback nation as a whole. I just feel like Razorback baseball has been the light of our athletics this year and I really hope we get to repeat it."

One thing is for certain, the stands and Hog Pen will be packed tomorrow (June 10) with fans who say it's not a game you're going to want to miss.

"I'll be watching every part of the way. They've got the support of the basketball team," said Osabuohien.

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