FEMA Could Reconsider Giving Individual Assistance For LeFlore County

SPIRO, Okla. (KFSM) — Oklahoma's Governor has declared a state of emergency for all 77 counties due to flooding and severe storms.

So far, 17 of those counties has been approved by FEMA for individual assistance.

An area hit hard in the River Valley, LeFlore County, was not approved originally by FEMA.

According to Oklahoma FEMA officials, there could still be a chance for homeowners, renters, landowners and others to still receive individual assistance.

"Local emergency manager in Leflore County is asking people to go and register through the office or through DIsasterok.gov website by calling 211. So, I always tell people, follow the advice of your local emergency managers," said Scott Sanders with Oklahoma FEMA.

Individual assistance could be awarded to those in Leflore County if the amount of damage reported by homeowners meets the FEMA guidelines.

According to LeFlore County Emergency Management, the county could meet the threshold if everyone would register their damage with FEMA.

The registration process would include damage from flash flooding, river flooding and tornadoes.

"Most think if it didn't get in the house there is no damage. But if you have wood floors any kind of ductwork, anything running under the house, it's damaged. It can get in your floor Joyce, soak up wood floors, insulation, sheetrock. There's a lot of damage," said LeFlore County Emergency Manager Kim Wann. "They need to make sure to call it in no matter how small they think it is. They should be calling it in."

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