Sewage Backup Causes Concerns For One Bentonville Apartment Renter

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — After months of sewage flooding in her kitchen, one single mother is now desperately searching for a way out of her lease.

After having sewage flood her home six times in a row, Stacie Mountain is concerned for her and her daughter's health while living at the Glen At Polo Park Apartments in Bentonville.

Mountain said they have been battling sewage water coming into their home from the unit above their's, and each time it happens it completely disrupts their lives.

Mountain said her landlords have done temporary fixes a few times, but nothing that has stopped the backup.

"We can hear the plumbing you know bubbling up and she is like stressed out about that," Mountain said.

The two have called the apartment home for nearly five years and have never had problems before this, but at this point, Mountain said they feel helpless.

"The well being of the people that live here is more important than you know the bottom line I guess," Mountain said.

Mountain says she's stuck in her lease and she fears for her families health.

"I’ve spent literally hours cleaning all this because I don’t want us to contract an illness from being exposed to that," Mountain said.

5NEWS spoke with the property manager who said they are taking steps to fix the issue. Mountain has been asked to move to another unit for the remainder of her lease, but at this point, she says she just wants to get out of the complex completely.

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