River Valley Businesses Clean Up After Historic Flood

RIVER VALLEY (KFSM) — Businesses in the River Valley have been busy cleaning up after the ruin caused by historic flooding.

Staff at Eastside Liquor have been working for days to clear up the mess the flood left behind.

"We spent the last three days filling up dumpsters with alcohol that we had to have escorted to the dump by the ADC. When we do get reopened, it all going to be clean liquor," said Eastside Liquor Manager David Bushkuhl.

After the 2015 flood, the liquor store set up flood panels inside the shop but those panels didn't stand a chance against a 500-year-flood,  resulting in a loss of 100-percent of its product.

The store is mostly concrete but will still need extensive repairs. Employees say they are committed to reopening.

"It's been a lot of blood, sweat and tears but we are on the downside now so we are looking forward to getting re-open now," Bushkuhl said.

The manager says if everything goes according to plan, they hope to be open for the Fourth of July.

Across the state line in Oklahoma, the medical marijuana dispensary Pharm 788 has set up a temporary shop in the parking lot which is open for business.

Workers say as soon as the flood waters went down, they got to work.

"I'm a budtender but I've been doing everything with anything and everything needed just to get us back up and going, getting us back up to help the patients out," said Pharm 788 employee Brandon Hall.

The building, now a skeleton of what it once was, will need to be power washed and sanitized before they can move back in.

"The people behind 788, they're amazing," Hall said. "They're absolutely some of the best people I've ever met. We got the best patients, the best community support."

The hope is for the dispensary to be back in the original facility in about a month or two.

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