Fort Smith Single Mother Needs Home Rebuilt After Historic Flooding

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — In May, Lakia Dale and her two kids packed a bag and left their house off of South U. Street in Fort Smith to escape the flood.

"My dad had lived on this property for 30 years before I actually bought the property," Dale said. "He had never seen it (flood waters) get pass the road and we were not expecting it to get nearly as bad as it did."

When they returned, they found their home in ruins.

"We recently did about $5,000 worth of remodeling work to the floors and the walls, the bathroom, and the kitchen, and unfortunately all of it was lost," Dale said.

Team Rubicon, a non-profit made up of military veterans and first responders, began cleaning up by ripping down walls and tearing up floors.

They found mold and rotted floor joists and decided the home needed to be torn down a rebuilt from the ground up.

"She lost everything, she not only lost her home, but she lost all of her furniture, appliances, HVAC unit, everything. The woman has nothing left so we're just trying to do everything we can to help her get back on her feet, for her and her kids," said Team Rubicon Volunteer Daren Fowler.

A couple from Barling donated a 5th wheel camper to the family. Dale says she's thankful for all the help.

Dale says the kids have been hit the hardest but she assures them there's hope for the future.

"It really hurt them the most because they feel like they're losing everything but I just try to let them know that the memories will always be here and it's just a new start," Dale said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up the family. Dale says the money raised will be used to purchase materials for the new home. She says she wants to use any money left over to help someone else impacted by the flood.

For a link to the GoFundMe click here.

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