A New Mother, Stacy Lewis Has Different Perspective On Golf

ROGERS (KFSM) - For years Stacy Lewis has acted as a mom for the other Razorbacks coming up on the LPGA Tour. But now Lewis is acting as a mom in a different role. Quite literally to her daughter Chesney.

"Life has changed, life is really busy. She's traveled with me though to every event I've played this year," Lewis said on Wednesday.

She's juggling a lot of different balls now and she's figuring it out," Razorback coach Shauna Estes-Taylor said. "She's so competitive and she'll get it figured out. She looked pretty sharp today and I'm excited to watch her compete this week."

"I'm just really proud of it, you know we started this tournament 10-11 years ago and it was me just carrying the flag for a long time, and I'm just really proud of these girls and what Shauna's done and just to see the progress they've made and they're ready for this too," Lewis said about the record six Hogs playing this week's NWA Championship.

"Yeah I had a really good time with Stacy," reflected Kaylee Benton, a recent Arkansas graduate making her professional debut. "She's always taken me under her wing and does a really good job with all of us and I really appreciate that."

But that role of surrogate mom to the new Hogs on tour just got a little busier.

"The perspective of golf and life is just so different. I played horrible last week and walked into daycare and she had a big smile on her face and came crawling up to me, I mean I didn't care what I shot," remembered Lewis.

While this is the 13th time that Lewis has taken the course at Pinnacle Country Club, it's the first time she'll do so as a mother. The former Razorback captured the inaugural NWA Championship in 2007 and won again in 2014.

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