The Internet Is Debating Ranch Pop Tarts. Where Do You Stand?

(WTKR) — A hard-hitting question facing many Friday is the stance they have on ranch pop tarts. Yes, ranch pop tarts.

Hidden Valley Ranch and Pop-Tarts sparked a debate on Twitter, as noted by our Virginia affiliate WTKR News 3.

Hidden Valley Ranch asked about the collaboration after Twitter user Kyle Heroff tweeted them, “people say you can put ranch on anything.”

“Hey Pop-Tarts — let’s have some fun and give the people what they want, said Hidden Valley in a Tweet at Pop-Tarts.” Pop-Tarts responded, “lol no.”

The tweet from Hidden Valley Ranch and the response from Pop-Tarts created much buzz and many laughs.

One fan even came up with a box design.

Many took hard stances on the subject.

“Thank you for shooting this down immediately. Y’all are national heroes,” said one Twitter user against the idea.

Little Debbie even responded to the Tweet at Pop-Tarts saying, “There are times when people need to be protected from themselves.” Pop-Tarts even responded, asking Little Debbie if they could, “protect me (Pop-Tarts) from the ranch dressing people.”

Some Twitter users even suggested other product mashups for Pop-Tarts, such as making Bush’s Baked Beans pop tarts.

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