Kamala Harris Raises $2 Million After Debate

(CBS) — Sen. Kamala Harris raised $2 million in the 24 hours after the first Democratic debate on Thursday, according to her campaign. She received donations from 63,277 people, 58% of whom were new contributors. The campaign said it was its best online fundraising day yet.

“We have momentum,” said Lily Adams, the campaign’s communications director. Adams said, “supporters across this country are fueling our campaign because they saw her empathy, her passion, and her direct focus on the issues that keep people up at night.”

The average contribution was $30, and the campaign quadrupled its share from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

Harris drew praise from progressives after the debate because of her clash with Vice President Joe Biden over his relationships with segregationists during his tenure in the Senate and his past stance against busing to desegregate public schools.

The California Democrat stood out amongst the packed crowd of 10 candidates on stage, eliciting some of the loudest applause after she forced moderators to give her time to answer a question on race relations — noting that she was the only African American present on the debate stage.

Harris later said she does not believe the former vice president is a racist but called his statement about finding “common ground” with segregationists personally “hurtful” to people of color like her.

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