Kitten Thrown From Car In Fort Smith Intersection Dies From Its Injuries

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — An investigation is underway in Fort Smith where eyewitnesses say someone threw a kitten out of a moving vehicle.

The witnesses say that the cat was thrown out of the car and into the intersection of Rogers Ave. and Free Rogers Rd., where it was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Michelle Doodroe says during the lunch rush Thursday (July 18) cars were frantically swerving trying to miss the struggling kitten. She says her and another woman used their cars to block traffic so they could run and save the kitten from the street.

Doodroe drove the kitten to the vet, but unfortunately, it died from its injuries.

“This is absolute animal cruelty at its worst,” Doodroe said. “It hurt me so deeply in my heart and I just can’t believe that anybody would do this. If you can’t take the responsibility of an animal and treat it like a family member you don’t deserve that animal.”

Doodroe filed a report with Fort Smith Police, who are investigating possible animal cruelty charges.

Two other women witnessed the incident and one was able to snap a photo of the car that the kitten was thrown from.

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