Arkansas Man Mows Giant ‘Trump 2020’ Into Field

A rural Arkansas man has turned his property into a giant advertisement for President Donald Trump.

Billy Darby, a taxidermist in the small town of Wheatley, mowed "TRUMP 2020" into a hay field outside his home. He said it's 600 feet wide, or about the size of two football fields.

Darby said it took him about a day to create the Trump tribute. A neighbor used a drone to photograph it once he'd finished.

Darby said he mowed "TRUMP 2020" into his field simply because he's a "strong supporter" of the president. He plans to maintain it through next year's presidential election.

"I just really like what the president's doing for us," he said.

Darby said Friday that he hadn't gotten any feedback from Wheatley residents about his handiwork. The town of roughly 300 people is midway between Little Rock and Memphis.

Trump won 60 percent of the vote in Arkansas in 2016.

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