Bull Riders From Around The World Compete At Buckin’ In The Ozarks In Springdale

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KFSM) — Buckin' in the Ozarks is back and bull riders from all over the world made their way to Northwest Arkansas to ride for a spot in the Las Vegas finals.

5NEWS got a behind the scenes look at the competition inside Parsons Stadium.

"The rush that you get from tying your hand into that 1800 pound bull you can’t get that doing anything else," said professional bull rider Skeeter Kingsolver.

While some may call it crazy, these riders say it's their passion.

"It’s something we are born to do," said professional bull rider Alex Cardozo.

Veteran and rookie riders from near and far came to Springdale to face off against some of the most famous animal athletes in the business.

The professional riders spend their lives on the road traveling to stadiums to rack up points for a world ranking.

"Every place you go there is always something special about it that you remember and Springdale is one of those places," Kingsolver said.

Some of the riders said there is nothing quite like the feeling of adrenaline you get right before the gate opens and they hang on for that eight-second ride.

"You try not to think too much, you just prepare during the week and let it all out when you nod your head," Kingsolver said.

Riders say they know the risks of the sport.

"I broke my neck during world finals and broke my back too so that was my most scary moment," Cardozo said.

Every cowboy says they get back up after each time for the love of the ride and each time they nod their head, they all have one thing in mind.

"A win that’s what I’m here for and that’s what I’m expecting," Kingsolver said.

On Saturday (July 20) a rider from the home state, Chase Outlaw, will ride at Parsons Stadium. Outlaw is the third-ranked bull rider in the world and he's from Hamburg Arkansas.

The competition kicked off Friday (July 19) and starts again on Saturday.

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