Dream Vacation Turned Nightmare For West Fork Family After Toddler Falls From Balcony

FORT MORGAN, Ala. (KFSM) — A West Fork family's dream vacation turned into a nightmare recently.

While on a family beach vacation, their 2-year-old little girl had to take a trip to the hospital after falling 12 feet off their beach house balcony.

Two-year-old Nova Smoot was eating a piece of watermelon with her grandma, Rhonda Edens, on the balcony.

Edens says Nova was laughing and waving at a neighbor with her arm hooked around the railing when she fell.

"She had her little hand wrapped around the spindle with her little piece of watermelon and she was waving and the next thing I know she had spun with that arm and was gone," said Rhonda Eden.

At the time of the fall, Tim was washing Nova's toys downstairs, so he was able to get to her quickly.

He said she didn't appear to be breathing, but her eyes were wide open and she said "Grandpa." He scooped her up, and she started breathing normally again.

Emergency responders arrived quickly, and the family says they were some of the best people on Earth. Nova was taken by helicopter to a Mobile, Ala., hospital. Despite her 12-foot fall, she only suffered minor injuries.

The Edens called the rental company, who they say did not seem too concerned and kept explaining that they were not liable for the non-sturdy railing.

The family is very happy Nova is OK, but they want to share their story in hopes that others will be more cautious when booking a vacation spot.

"I just want people to know that when they go to rent a beach house, condo, whatever to make sure they are safe," said Rhonda Edens.

Nova is home and recovering from a minor concussion and bruising on her back.


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