Gravette’s Bohannon Ready For Challenge In Year One

GRAVETTE (KFSM) - After one season as Lion defensive coordinator, Kelby Bohannon got some unexpected news on June 19.

"It’s really been a surprise, but a good surprise," Bohannon recalled. "We’re excited about what the future holds."

Bohannon was named Gravette's third head coach in the past two seasons following the Doug Greenwood's unexpected resignation.

"It’s really been a whirlwind with the transition and the timing of everything. It’s made it a little tougher probably than would be had this been done in February or March," said Coach Bo.

Even though everything happened at the last minute, the Lions got used to Bohannon’s style last fall. So when the promotion came in June, the transition was easy.

"He pushes us as hard as he did whenever he was a defensive coordinator," senior Mason Dagley explained. "I actually think he’s pushing us a little harder now, which I like."

"He knows when to push us and when enough is enough and not to push us over the edge," quarterback Cy Hilger agreed.

"Very comfortable, very easy transition especially having a guy come in from Oklahoma," rising senior Josh Dodge said. "They always play hard mouthed ball, they have the multitude of players, but he’s made the transition very very easy for us players."

Bohannon has experience at Jay and more recently Bixby, a school that's the polar opposite of Gravette. But that hasn't stopped the young coach from relating to his players.

"I’m a passionate guy, pretty energetic and that’s what we want to bring to the football program," coach said. "And like I tell our kids, one thing you’re always gonna get from me is honesty."

"This will be our third coach in two years but he knows that and he’s taking on that role and just saying guys this is for you. I’m here to help you have a good season," Dodge said.

The Lions went 1-9 last season and look to flip the script in 2019. Gravette opens the season in week zero with a road trip to Cascia Hall in Oklahoma.

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