Woman And Daughter — Fort Smith Natives — Win Big On ‘Price Is Right’

(KFSM) — A woman and her daughter, both Fort Smith natives, won big Tuesday on “The Price Is Right.”

Zoey and Jeannette Gragg won big on “The Price Is Right.”

Jeannette and Zoey Gragg won a trampoline, an 86-inch television, a game console and gaming computer and a new car — about $36,000 worth of prizes — during the show’s “Kid’s Week” event.

The show filmed on Sept. 30 and originally ran in April, but today’s rerun generated a big response, said Gragg.

“People started calling and saying, ‘Oh, you’re on the TV!'” she said in a phone interview from her new home in California. Gragg, a Van Buren High School graduate, moved to California about a year ago.

Gragg was shocked when she and Zoey not only made it onto the stage but ended up winning the final Showcase Showdown.

“Zoey’s the only 6-year-old I know who won a car and $36,000 in prizes,” Gragg said.

The two first won by bidding on two gaming centers with speakers and two Amazon Fire tablets. Their bid got them to the stage, where they played the “Most Expensive” game. They had to choose which was the most expensive of three sets of items — designer Converse shoes and luggage, an ATV and motorcycle, and an Alienware gaming computer system. They chose the ATV and motorcycle correctly and won all three sets of prizes.

The pair then spun the Big Wheel and barely beat out the previous team’s spin of 90 cents when the wheel landed on 95 cents by a hair.

“You could have blown on it, and we would have lost,” Gragg said.

The win sent Gragg and Zoey to the Showcase Showdown, where they won a trampoline with a sports set, the television, an XBox 1X gaming system with games and extra controllers, and the big prize — a new Chevrolet Sonic car.

Gragg said they just received the television two weeks ago and the car last week, but they’re enjoying both. She said Zoey has had fun with the gaming systems, and especially with the trampoline.

Gragg said it’s still shocking that it all happened the way it did.

“All of that happened within 20 minutes,” she said. They’re now finally able to enjoy all of their prizes, but still, she said, “it’s hard to believe.”

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