Bentonville Hosts Second Annual Arkansas Bike Summit

BENTONVILLE, Ark (KFSM) — The second annual Bike Summit kicked off Friday (Aug. 2) in Northwest Arkansas.

The two-day summit is one of Bentonville's only events solely produced by Visit Bentonville and Bike Bentonville.

“Putting together an event like this is super fun. It’s great when it all comes together and you have some really great presentations that really hit home," said Bike Bentonville Director Aimee Ross.

Cycling celebrities from all over the country are invited to the event. On Friday morning breakfast was served as a popular cyclist from New York City delivered a presentation.

"The cycling world is such a great world," said NYC Bike Snob blogger Eben Weiss. "It’s a language we can all share, it’s very accepting, it’s very warm, it’s a very good-natured, good-humored group of people. I’m very fortunate to be a part of it and that’s why I’m happy to be here."

There are multiple speakers invited to combine all things cycling; from the history of cycling to biking etiquette to some comedy segments.

The Bike Summit's goal is to bring people of all experience levels into the cycling world.

"Participate, jump in, doesn’t matter whether you have a Schwinn 10 speed try it," Ross said. "Immerse yourself. You don’t have to wear spandex or need all the crazy gear. You get into that as you continue to fall in love with it and it becomes your passion. Just immerse yourself in the culture."

Each day of Bike Summit includes an invitation to go biking on some of Bentonville's most premier trails with participants.

Friday the Bike Summit was held at The Record in downtown Bentonville but Saturday (Aug. 3) the location changes to Meteor Guitar Gallery.

You can still attend day two of the summit. You can register online at or at the door.

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