Fayetteville Man Beats, Chokes And Locks Girlfriend In A Closet For Not Having Sex With Him

Darius Anderson

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — A Fayetteville man was arrested for beating, choking and locking his girlfriend in a closet after she refused to have sex with him.

On Thursday (Aug. 1) police were called to a home on Seneca Ave. in Fayetteville where they found a woman with bruises up and down her arms, a swollen neck and fresh contusions on her face locked in a closet.

The woman told police her boyfriend Darius Anderson, 28, woke up early in the morning and wanted to have sex with her but she refused.

According to a police report, Anderson then became very agitated and slapped her. He and then grabbed her phone and asked her to unlock it so he could read her messages. When she refused, Anderson then began hitting her in the face with the phone, causing contusions on her forehead and around her eyes.

Police say Anderson then pushed his girlfriend into the closet and would not let her out.

While in the closet, Anderson pinned the woman down, put his hands around her throat and squeezed until she could barely breathe.

Anderson then kept his girlfriend’s phone, but she had another hidden away, so she was able to text a friend for help.

The friend then called the police, and when they arrived he was arrested for 3rd-degree domestic battery and kidnapping.

Anderson is currently being held without bond at the Washington County Detention Center.

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