Virginia Group Travels To Oklahoma To Help Moffett Recover From Historic Flooding

MOFFETT, Okla. (KFSM) — God's Pit Crew, a group based out of Virginia, arrived this weekend in Moffett, Oklahoma to help the town recover from historic flooding along the Arkansas River last May.

State troopers met the group at the state line and escorted them to the city.

It's the most significant undertaking by the group, which started in 1999.

Over $250,000 of equipment and funding has been donated for the effort.

"They're taking time out of their lives just to come here and to help us just for free, for nothing," Moffett School teacher Chanda Price said. " I know they will be rewarded in eternity someday and we just hope that we can show them the love and gratefulness while they are here helping us."

God's Pit Crew will be in Moffett for three weeks to work on the school.

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