Dash Cam Video Shows Semi Sending Truck Into Crowd Of First Responders

WEST FORK (KFSM) — A close call for first responders on Interstate 49 was captured on a West Fork Police officer's dash cam on Saturday.

Several first responders were working a minor accident along Interstate 49 near the West Fork exit in the rain when a semi clipped a black pickup, sending the pickup hydroplaning into the crowd of first responders.

Police say they're lucky that no one was hurt, including those in the pickup.

"The cause was mostly due to the weather and the speed of people driving too fast in that type of weather," said Tyler Underwood of the West Fork Police. "We were lucky enough to get out of the way in time."

Police said another accident happened about the same time, when a vehicle clipped the side of an Arkansas State Police trooper's car. The rain was also a factor in that accident. No one was injured in that accident, either.

Police said both accidents were caused by drivers going to fast on rain-covered roads.

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