Tactical Medics Teach Class On How To Treat Gunshot Wounds In Rogers

ROGERS, Ark. (KFSM) — Tactical medics taught some Arkansans how to handle a situation where someone has been shot.

On Monday (Aug. 5) people packed in at Bass Pro Shops in Rogers to learn how to handle a mass shooting situation.

Many say they planned to attend the class for a while, but now after several mass shootings, attendees say they are especially glad they came.

"In light of what has happened recently, this will reinforce the need for more training for this particular course and for people to take courses like this," attendee Douglas Markum said.

During the 3-hour long course, experts walked everyone through step by step life-saving techniques to help stop massive bleeding and also what to do for each part of the body.

"It’s kind of a fast and furious 3-hour course but it’s a designed to get them the information to where god forbid something happens and they need it," said instructor and tactical medic Scott Tatum.

Tatum says he believes it was a packed class in light of the mass shootings that happened over the weekend.

"This is the world we live in right now and you have to be able to self treat, you have to be able to take care of yourself before others," Tatum said. "We teach right off the bat is for people to treat themselves so they can treat others."

Attendees learned how to treat a gunshot wound to the leg, neck, chest and arm. They also learned how to control shock and place a victim into a safe position until EMS arrives.

Many of those in attendance didn't show up out of fear, but to make sure they know what to do if the person beside them needs help.

"Even with these recent events most of these people have been signed up long before so there’s an interest call survivorism, call it safety call it just helping out your neighbor and Samaritan," Markum said.

Tatum says usually a few people who sign up for the course end up not showing up, but that wasn't the case tonight. Every seat was taken.

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