‘We Were Inside, But We Are Okay’: Little Flock Couple Survives Shooting At El Paso Walmart

LITTLE FLOCK, Ark. (KFSM) — Beverly and David Engle were headed home from working at a Salvation Army at the Mexican border when they decided to make a quick run into Walmart — in El Paso. Beverly Engle even stopped to take a photo of the Walmart.

Neither knew they would be walking into a nightmare.

The two were in Walmart when a man came in and began shooting. By the time he was finished, 22 people lay dead or dying, and 24 more were injured. One of those who died was the coach in her photograph, who was helping with a fundraiser being held at the front of the store.

The Engles were among those who managed to escape unharmed.

"We were inside, but we are okay," Beverly Engle told her friends soon after in a Facebook post.

She recounted the aftermath of the terror, including seeing an older man rushing out of the store afterward with an infant in his arms, the child covered in blood.

"I  did learn through the news tonight about the infant I saw being carried off by an elderly man as he held the previous baby in his arms and ran across the bridge to take the baby to an ambulance," Beverly Engle said. "The 2-month old baby entrenched in blood was protected by his mother who gave her life to protect her infant and rescued by someone where they took baby to hospital. He had broken bones from his mother laying on him to protect him. But he was released tonight."

The baby was the child of Andre and Jordan Anchondo. It was Jordan who protected her son by giving her life.

"If that isn’t a picture of what our Savior did for us," Beverly Engle said. "He sacrificed his life for ours — sometimes the results of a fallen world break our bones — but we are set free to live by that Grace. Humbling."

Beverly and David Engle of Little Flock were in the Walmart in El Paso when a gunman entered and began firing. (Courtesy of Beverly Engle)

Beverly Engle said the couple was trying to get home in time for an event benefiting the Children's Advocacy Center of Benton County, where she works. But it became complicated when police cordoned off the Walmart parking lot, trapping their car.

Instead, the couple had to fly home and return later in the week to retrieve the vehicle.

"As I sit here in the airport on our way home — there is a surreal kind of silence," she said Monday (Aug. 5) as they prepared to fly home. "No one talking to anyone, just sitting almost like all are stunned. I think I feel that way too."

The Engles made it home later that day, and Beverly Engle said she's grateful to be home safely, as well as for the outpouring of support they had received.

"We have so much to share — but tonight we rest," she said.

The Engles flew back so they could attend the Barn Bash event this Saturday at Restoration Village, a nonprofit that works with the Children's Advocacy Center.

The couple plans to fly back to El Paso next week to retrieve their car, which should be released from the crime scene by then.

The suspected gunman has been identified as Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas.

After walking into Walmart and spraying the center with bullets, he got back in his car, drove to an intersection north of the store, got out of the car and surrendered to an El Paso motorcycle officer who was helping establish a police perimeter around the business, police said.

Crusius put his hands up and identified himself as the shooter, El Paso police Sgt. Enrique Carrillo said. The officer handcuffed him on the spot.

He was charged with capital murder and is being held without bond, police said.

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