Spiro Mother Returns Home To Find House Burglarized, Thieves Flee As She Searches For Gun

SPIRO, Okla. (KFSM) — A mother of three with one on the way in Spiro came home a few days ago to find her home turned upside down from burglars and at the time, she had no idea they were still just right outside of her door.

The LeFlore County Sheriff's Office is now trying to find who is responsible for breaking into the Callee Moore's family's home.

Callee Moore, who is pregnant and due in December, just returned home from a doctor's appointment.

"I actually spent a little time in the kitchen just doing some stuff and I heard a car door shut outside but at that time it was pretty insignificant to me," Moore said.

Moments later she says she noticed glass on the floor, along with decor, computers and other electronics. Once she realized what had happened she ran to find her handgun, just to realize that it had been stolen along with jewelry and other valuables, including her house keys.

"I ran to my bedroom when I saw this to get my handgun and all of my drawers in my bedroom were open my bedroom was a mess my gun was gone," Moore said.

Moore is licensed to carry a handgun so she went to her car, grabbed her conceal carry handgun and searched her home. She says she was prepared to defend her home as soon as she realized what was going on.

"I felt like my privacy had been invaded and I felt like it was my job my place at that moment to defend my home," Moore said.

In the time she realized what had happened, that's when she believes the suspect or suspects ran away, which she now says she is thankful for.

"I was really angry and I was upset that I hadn’t walked in, that I hadn’t seen them face to face," Moore said. "As time wore on and my kids got home I was more thankful that I didn’t see them face to face."

Moore has since changed her locks and says she's just glad her family is safe.

The Sheriff's department has not arrested anyone at this time in connection to the burglary, but Moore believes it had to be someone who knew the area well since her home is extremely secluded.

"You absolutely can’t know that the home is here without knowing that the home is here," Moore said.

The handgun that was stolen from the home was a Taurus Raging Judge Magnum Revolver. If you come across this specific gun under suspicious circumstances, you're asked to contact the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office.

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