Clarksville High School Gets New Campus And Career Technology Program

CLARKSVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Clarksville school district begins its new year Wednesday (Aug. 14) and high school students will be taking classes on a brand new campus.

Also, located on the brand new campus is the new Career and Technology School or C.A.T.S. where students will learn skills in industrial fields.

“I tell the kids you’re going to get a lot of a little bit of a whole lot of stuff, and I’m hoping by the time the 10th graders get up to become a senior they know about what they want to do and I can spend more time in that area with them," Keith Brown, C.A.T.S. Director said.

In Arkansas, there are about 70,000 jobs available in careers like electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration and more.

Students will spend two and a half days in the classroom learning skills and work hands-on with the equipment.

The new program is meant to teach students skills that they can take with them into the real world and find jobs in high demand fields.

“We’re trying to make something that our community will support and they have, and just makes the community kind of come together and want to hire our students when they leave here," said Clarksville High School Principal Cheyne Dougan.

The curriculum known as the National Center for Construction Education Research will record the courses students complete onto a card. Employers will then be able to look at that experience when hiring.

“It will make them much more confident in themselves and much more able to support themselves if they decide not to go to college," Brown said. "It could mean the difference of three or four dollars an hour on starting pay."

About 75 students from three school districts are enrolled in the new program including Scranton and Westside.

In January the school will also start offering classes for adults.

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