Science With Sabrina: Colors And Heat

We all know the heat can be dangerous, but the color of your clothes could make a difference. Meteorologist Sabrina Bates teaches us how colors absorb the heat. But, we’re having a little fun with it, and using crayons since the kiddos are heading back to school.


The experiment can be done on a canvas or just on a piece of paper! For either method, separate the dark colored crayons from the brighter colored crayons.

Set the crayons out on a sunny, hot day. As you check on them throughout the day, you'll notice them begin to soften, then bubble at the bottom, and eventually begin to melt and drip.

If you want to add a fun bonus for the kids, touch the crayons periodically to see the difference.


  • Dark colors softened and melted fastest
  • Light colors barely softened after 4 hours

The outcome may change if the crayons are left out longer.

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