Back-To-School: Fayetteville High School Students Putting New Chromebooks To Good Use

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — It’s the first week of school for students at Fayetteville High School and they’re already putting their new Chromebooks to use.

The one-to-one technology program puts all of the students on an even playing field by giving them access to the same devices and the same opportunities.

“So far it has just helped me keep everything together as opposed to all the papers. It makes it easier to carry everything," said Chloe Mathis, Fayetteville High School junior.

All 2,500 students at the high school now have their very own Chromebooks that they can take home with them.

In the past teachers had to share resources.

“I was able to say everybody pull your Chromebook out let’s update your resumes right now together. Whereas in the past we wouldn’t be able to do that because we wouldn’t have had a Chromebook cart already and not every student had a device," said Megan Randall, Fayetteville High School teacher.

Students say in just a short amount of time they’ve learned a lot using the Chromebook including how to make a resume.

“I really didn’t know how to do that, but now I can do it online and be able to use that throughout college," Mathis said.

In addition to learning the technical side of operating the laptop, school officials say digital citizenship is another important lesson students will learn.

"If we can do our best to teach them how to interact with people appropriately on social media and through technology, that’s a valuable skill that will take them beyond high school," said Jay Dostal, Fayetteville High School Principal.

By the end of their high school career, students will be able to purchase their Chromebooks for just $1.

“I wish I had it as a freshman so I could start out with it and get used to it, but it’s nice having now," Mathis said.

Sometimes technology breaks or is lost or stolen, the district says they have policies in place to deal with those sorts of issues if and when they come up.

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