Farmington Shows Off Brand New Football Stadium

FARMINGTON, Ark. (KFSM) - With every football season comes new coaches, new players and new fields. But what Farmington built is not simply a new venue. It’s one of the nicest facilities in the entire state.

“There is a great buzz in this town with our kids, our coaches, our faculty and the people that live in this town and it’s gonna be a year of new beginnings for us,” Farmington athletic director Brad Blew said.

“We feel like we’ve got the nicest facility around and kids just want to be here,” football coach Mike Adams agreed. “They’re here early now and they try and take advantage of it. We want them to enjoy this. It’s something we feel like they deserve and our kids have really taken to it. It’s great to have this facility.”

Farmington recently built a new high school and basketball arena and now debut the state of the art football facility. From start to finish, the project took three and a half years to complete.

“Oh it’s insane,” senior Drew Sturgeon oozed. “It has a great atmosphere, it’s definitely easier coming to work for sure, and to be able to put in all the work.”

“Oh yeah definitely, it’s a different atmosphere for sure,” Colton Kilgore agreed.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 3,500 but a large patio area in front of the north end zone’s concession stand adds to that number.

“It blows me away that this is ours,” Blew smiled. “And we’re just very grateful. I think it’s a tribute to who we are as a school district and what’s more exciting is who we’re gonna be in the future.”

The first game in the new stadium is September 6 when rival Prairie Grove comes to town for the Battle of Highway 62.

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