High School In Central Arkansas Starts New Tradition By letting Seniors Paint Parking Spots

Photo Credits: KATV and Vilonia School District

On Monday, the Vilonia High School class of 2020 started a new tradition called VHS Parking Palooza.

Seniors got the opportunity to buy parking spaces and paint them with their own unique designs. The parking spots are reserved for seniors during school hours for the entire school year.

The mother of one of the students, Regina Moore, told KATV that the principal even got in on the fun to help out. He can be seen in the photos pushing a broom.

“The kids all worked and helped one another. They shared paints, encouraged, and made sure everyone was cool enough. Some were there just to hold the umbrella to keep their friends cool,” Moore said.

Moore said that some of the students even camped out in the parking lot overnight to claim the best parking spots.

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