Kibler Police Shadow School Buses To Ensure Kids’ Safety

KIBLER (KFSM) — School buses are officially back on the road for the school year.

Kibler Police follow school buses every morning and afternoon to guarantee that other cars are respecting the traffic laws.

Police Chief Roger Green says it is to make sure that kids in the area get to their school safely.

They make sure that cars are stopping while children get on and off the bus. Police are also stopping traffic where the bus picks up a large group of kids every morning. This gives the kids plenty of time to get on the bus.

Green says he believes that the department's presence has made a difference in keeping everyone safe while getting to and from school.

"I hope my presence has helped, I would like to think so, that's what the goal is," he said. "Usually when you see a police car, it alerts them to do something." Sometimes it alerts drivers to put on their seatbelts. In this case, he hopes it alerts drivers to stop for the buses.

Last year, Green says he wrote about four tickets for violations around school buses, and hopes for less this year.

The fine for passing a stopped school bus can range from $500 to $2,500.

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