Plant-Based Food Demand Pushes Tyson Foods Toward Product Innovation

SPRINGDALE (TB&P) — Tyson Foods is the largest U.S. food company with annual revenues expected around $42.93 billion this year. The bulk of that revenue will come from meat sales, but the company says the business is more than meat protein.

“We don’t think it has to be either-or at Tyson,” said Justin Whitmore, chief sustainability officer at Tyson Foods.

“We can make great-tasting, plant-based protein to complement our meat protein to give consumers more options at mealtime.”

Whitmore oversees the company’s plant-based protein products. He told the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal the new Raised & Rooted nuggets and hamburger patties are launching at retail on a national scale in the next few weeks.

He said the shipments went to retailers in July and products should be in retailers’ meat and freezer cases before the end of summer.

The company has not yet released which retailers will sell the products.

Given Walmart is the leading grocer in the nation in terms of locations — and Tyson Foods’ largest customer — it is likely the products will be sold there, in addition to other major grocery chains.

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