Heavy Rain, Flash Flooding Causes Chaos In Fort Smith

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — Heavy rain proved to be dangerous Thursday (Aug. 22) night, especially in Fort Smith.

Flash flooding caused a frightening situation for one car full of people. Flash flooding led to emergency responders having to help one family escaper their car as water surrounded it.

Storms also caused some problems at a church in the south part of Fort Smith.

The Fort Smith Police Department posted on Facebook Thursday night that a church on Cavanaugh Rd. was struck by lightning — causing a power line to come down.

The pastor of the church told 5NEWS lightning didn't actually strike the building, but it was actually a loose cable from a nearby power pole causing sparks to fly.

"It was sparks. It was throwing off electricity about 15 feet. Every time they come together, they would spark off of that. It was coming close to the building. But it was really closer to the yards behind us... but it wasn't really that dramatic," Lester Pegues says.

Pegues says everyone inside the church was fine, and no one was hurt.

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