Blue Bell Offers New Flavor Just In Time For Fall

Blue Bell is combining the salty and the sweet in its newest flavor just in time for fall.

Salted Caramel Cookie combines a rich, creamy caramel ice cream with vanilla creme-filled cookies and a salted caramel swirl.

“Our new Salted Caramel Cookie Ice Cream is a perfect combination of sweet and salty,” said Jimmy Lawhorn, vice president, sales and marketing for Blue Bell. “What makes this flavor stand out from all of the others is the cookie. The vanilla crème filled cookie balances the caramel ice cream and salted swirl perfectly.”

The new flavor will be available in half-gallon and pint sizes starting today (Aug. 26) for a limited time.

The company’s other new flavor, Happy Tracks, is also now available in stores. Happy Tracks adds chocolate-coated peanut butter cups and a dark chocolate fudge swirl to vanilla ice cream.

A complete list of Blue Bell flavors is available at the Blue Bell website.

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