Muldrow Drivers Blowing Through Crosswalks, Putting Kids in Danger

MULDROW, Okla. (KFSM)— The Muldrow Police Department is cracking down on drivers in school zones after getting complaints from parents.

Wednesday (Aug. 28), Police Chief George Lawson said on two separate occasions parents approached him to tell him they were concerned about kids at Muldrow schools after witnessing drivers not stopping at crosswalks for kids crossing.

At the end of the school day, during pick up, Chief Lawson and two other officers set up around the crosswalks near the middle and high schools. He said within minutes they wrote three citations.

“You can see there’s a couple kids here. This truck stops. This truck comes up and stops, these kids step off into the crosswalk and then you’ll see the maroon SUV come through. It never slows down and they’re out in the middle of the crosswalk,” said Chief Lawson as he showed 5NEWS the dashcam video he took.

According to police and Muldrow Schools, they typically don’t have safety problems like this. They attribute the carelessness, to school recently resuming after summer when there weren’t many kids around the area and distracted driving.

There are several signs, flashing lights and the speed limit reduces well before the crosswalk. For parents, the thought of your child being hit is terrifying.

“It is really scary to think that your kid could be hit and not come home one day. Kids’ safety is number one and we wanna make sure they stay safe,” said a Muldrow mom named Joy Crain.

The Muldrow Police Department will continue to keep a close watch around the school and work closely with school officers.

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