Fans Gather For Second Annual One Hog Call

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — It's the Hog Call heard around the world.

Arkansas Razorback fans called the Hogs Friday (Aug. 30) for the second annual One Hog Call. It's a chance for fans to come together to show support for the Razorback football team as they get ready to officially start their season.

When the clock struck 1 p.m., Hog fans from around the globe did their signature call. Fans of all ages met at the Pryor Center in Fayetteville to make sure the Hog spirit was ready for football season.

"We got up at  6 or 6:30 a.m from East Texas to make sure we were up here," fan Randall Ford said. "We are excited, and this was a lot of fun."

Ford is the ultimate Razorback football fan. He has been to 520 games since 1975, only missing seven road games and seven bowl games. He hasn't missed a home game or game in Little Rock since 1974.

"Well that's how much I love them, a lot of people worry about well I'm not gonna go watch them until they start getting good again.. but me and my wife sherry... we are gonna go to all of them anyways," he said.

He said he is proud of the unique Hog call and loves the way it separates the Razorbacks from other teams.

"As long as I've been going I've seen a lot of different programs, and it's neat to go to Alabama and watch them sing sweet Alabama, or see the eagle fly out at Auburn, and even between the hedges at Athens when they do the dog bark on the kickoffs, but this.. this is unique what we're doing, and I can't believe it caught on so well last year," he said.

The Hogs will play Portland State at 3 p.m. on Saturday. Fans are encouraged to share their Hog call videos on social media using #ONEHogCall. The best videos will be played on the video board inside Donald W. Reynolds Stadium during the game.

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